The dagda


Keelin has always been different, wild and otherworldly.  Small and delicately boned among an island

people known for their towering height and physical prowess, she looks more like a woodland nymph

than a gifted healer, preordained since childhood to become a priestess of The Dagda.  Fierce and compassionate by turns, and possessing the sensitive hands of a surgeon and the bold spirit of an

adventurer, she feels trapped by a destiny at odds with her nature.  She chafes under the strict tutelage

of the austere priestess, Nuala, who demands unerring scholarship and dedication. Torn by conflicting emotions, Keelin imagines a life possible only in her dreams.  When her island home of Eire is threatened

by the most formidable army in the ancient world, she must resolve her internal strife and quickly hone

her extrasensory powers of the mind—powers she has kept carefully hidden—to help defeat the invader. 



One of the most learned and gifted priestesses of The Dagda, Nuala resembles a dark specter sent by the

gods to summon the souls of the dead and dying to the Otherworld.  A glance from her mesmerizing grey

eyes make even the brave quake and many claim she can see into their very souls.  Yet her chilling

countenance and aloof nature belie her compassion for the sick and her devotion to healing.  An exacting

and dogmatic teacher, Nuala is often critical of Keelin’s lack of scholarship and quick temper but,

nonetheless, understands the magnitude of her student’s extraordinary powers.  Deaf to her protests,

Nuala fervently steers Keelin toward a life in The Dagda, knowing the will of the gods must be obeyed. 



Deirdre embraces her secretive, duty bound life as a priestess of The Dagda with a unique combination of graceful composure and unceasing good humor.  Engaging and disarmingly open, she can soothe troubled souls and lift their spirits.  Despite her fresh-faced candor, Deirdre is no innocent and her powers of the

mind are formidable.  With the invasion of Eire imminent she is tasked with teaching Keelin the finer arts

of telepathy.  Ever optimistic, Deirdre believes that she and Keelin, along with Nuala, can use their powers

to shift some of the advantage away from the Romhanach invaders, thus helping to save Eire from destruction.  

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