Déaglán is a complex man, full of maniacal and bold daring one moment and contemplative erudition the next.  His first love is the sea and he craves both the adventure and the solitude it offers.  Over the years he has developed a perverse enjoyment of adversity and privation, which test the limits of his strength.  When called upon by the High Priest, Fearghus, to become a spy for Eire, Déaglán agrees,

soon realizing he is peculiarly suited for the deadly game of nerve and wit. Déaglán fears that even if Eire’s warring clans unite, Agricola’s invading legions will still prevail. 



Brian was only five years old when his father, a wealthy landowner with a vast estate, died suddenly.  Throughout his youth, Brian silently endured his stepfather’s abuse, waiting for the day of retribution.  He quickly learned to hide behind a mask of nonchalant bravado or charming glibness, ever wary of revealing too much of himself.  Innate aggressiveness and an inner fury born of loss and rejection have made him a formidable young warrior.  Only Keelin, with her sharp wit and irrepressible spirit, can lift his dark moods.  Since childhood he has been her self-appointed protector, guarding over her with steadfast devotion.  Yet of late, he has distanced himself from Keelin, treating her with casual disregard.   

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