Shrouded in mystery, ancient Eire nurtured a people both eloquent and fierce.  Scholars and warriors were honored with like reverence and women were recognized as equals to men. Within this isolated world of poetry and warfare, Keelin,

a fearless chieftain's daughter destined to become

a priestess, struggles to understand her fate. When her island home is threatened by a powerful invader, Keelin is forced to resolve her internal strife and face her destiny .....

About S.C. McGrath

I grew up at the western end of Malibu when it was considered undesirably remote.  There was a small country market with a hitching rail, unfenced fields of barley, only a scattering of houses, and peacefully empty beaches.  It was a perfect place for a shy, rather solitary girl like me.  When I was not reading, I was riding my old mare, Rocket, through the hills and on the beach, weaving stories and daydreaming ....

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